Pre-Admission for Surgery 

If you are going to have surgery, your doctor’s office will schedule a pre-admission appointment within 10 days of the surgery, especially if blood work is required. The time varies from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on your surgical procedure.
Jefferson healthcare has central registration for all inpatient and outpatient services. When you come to the hospital to be admitted, please go to the Registration area located on the first floor of the hospital in the lobby area (water side). 
Please contact your insurance carrier to obtain authorization for your admission and to verify whether a second opinion is necessary. It is each patient’s personal responsibility to obtain insurance authorization prior to being admitted. Pre-authorization numbers should be presented to the Admitting department prior to or at the time of admission. In some cases, health policies require the patient to pay a certain amount before benefits will apply.
During the admission process, the admitting clerk will provide you with written information regarding your rights under state and federal law to accept or refuse medical or surgical treatment. The clerk also will inquire about advanced directives. 

What paperwork to bring to patient registration

Certain documents and information are needed for your admission.  Depending on your circumstances, these may include:
  • Your Social Security card
  • Medicare card, insurance card(s), including prescription card, or Medicaid coupon
  • Military ID card
  • Insurance claim forms (completed and signed)
  • Physician referral/authorization forms
  • Co-Pay or deductible
  • Copies of advance directives, if desired.