Patient Advocate 

As a patient, you are encouraged to promote your own safety by becoming an active, involved, and informed member of your health care team. This includes understanding your rights and responsibilities. Every patient who is admitted to the hospital should receive a copy of Patient Rights and Responsibilities. This brochure outlines rights related to patient care, privacy, safety, and information. It also outlines patient responsibilities. The brochure advises patients to contact either the patient advocate or the Washington State Department of Health with their concerns.

Concerns and Complaints

If you believe your rights have not been respected or you are not pleased with the way you are treated, you have the right to speak immediately with the management staff about your concerns. You also may contact the patient advocate at 360-385-2200 ext. 2235 or to contact us by email click here.  The advocate will ensure that follow-up is initiated and that you are contacted about your concern.

As part of our continuing efforts to improve the quality of care our patients receive, Jefferson Healthcare contracts with NRC Picker, an independent research company, to conduct a survey with a representative sample of our patients. If you have recently received care, you may receive a letter in the mail. If you do receive the letter, please help us by taking this brief survey.