Inpatient Information 

The following information is provided to assist you with understanding the policies & routines you can expect during your stay with us.

Caregiver Team

Your primary caregiver team will consist of a nurse and a certified nursing assistant. Your nurse is responsible for assuring that the physicians’ orders are carried out exactly as written. Your nurse will develop a plan of care to be followed by all the other professionals from whom you may receive service. If you do not know who your nurse is at all times, please be sure to ask anyone on the staff and they can help you find the answer. Look for your caregivers’ name badges to help you remember
The other professionals who may provide services to you include -- depending on your care needs -- physical therapists, respiratory therapists, occupational therapists, laboratory technicians, diagnostic imaging staff, dietitians, pharmacists, social workers and chaplains. All are highly trained professionals whose main interest is taking care of you.
During your stay, your care will be supervised by our hospitalist team consisting of a physician who is board-certified in hospital medicine and several of our physicians who rotate as on-duty hospitalists.
Hospitalists, or “hospital doctors,” are physicians who care for patients while they are in the hospital. The hospitalists are available 24/7, meaning they are right there to order tests and to receive test results and to coordinate with specialists and make treatment decisions.
The hospitalists keep your primary care provider informed of your condition, and provide a care plan for discharge that includes any necessary follow-up care, home care, therapy or assistance from social services.


To access an outside line, please dial 9, then the number.


Cable service is available.

Patient food services

Your physician is responsible for ordering the type of diet that is appropriate for your medical condition. After you are cleared by your physician for a solid-food diet, you will receive a daily menu with a variety of appropriate food and beverage selections. From this menu, you may choose the items that appeal to you. A small selection of snacks is available at all times. Ask your nurse if you would like a snack.

Privacy for Inpatients

While we try to keep all patient information confidential, there may be times when you overhear a conversation between a patient and the doctor and/or other health care provider. We ask you to respect the confidentiality of others, as you would like them to do for your family.

Patient Satisfaction With Inpatient Care

Patient satisfaction is a top priority for everyone who works in the Acute Care Unit (ACU). The ACU staff receives a lot of positive feedback from patients about the care they have received in the unit. Jefferson Healthcare management relies on the results of quarterly telephone surveys to validate specific levels of patient satisfaction. Our surveys are conducted by NRC Picker, an independent research organization. Following your hospital stay, you may receive a letter from NRC Picker to ask you about your experience while in the hospital. If you do, please help us by participating in the brief survey.