7th Street Clinic

Phone: 360-344-3097 for Cardiology, Pulmonology and Nephrology
Phone:     360-385-2905 for Urology

1274 7th Street
Port Townsend, Washington 98368

This clinic is located at the corner of Sheridan and 7th Street, across the street from Jefferson Healthcare.  There are two floors that house multiple medical services. 

On the first floor, services provided by visiting specialists include cardiology consultations and heart pacemaker checks, pulmonology and lung capacity assessments and nephrology. 

Raj Deol, MD, Pulmonologist

David Tinker, MD, Cardiologist

Namita Gill, MD, Nephrology
The second floor is urologic surgery, pelvic floor reconstruction and urology medical services.

Dimitri Kuznetsov, MD, PLLC, Urology